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     SENKE motor Raptor SK150-10A is a classic and fashion street motorcycle which has ferocity and pretty outward appearance with fast speed and flexible turning characteristics that elaborately created by Heshan Guoji NanLian Motorcycle Industry CO.,Ltd.

Brand new design concept

     The light sport motor themed which designed possesses the speed and performance of sport motor, at the same time to highlight the characteristics of lightness.The ancient raptor has fast speed, ferocity appearance and flexible characteristics that you can turn and jump at any time. Based on these concept elements we design the whole motorcycle appearance as well as its performance carried on this theme concept at the same time.

More design bright spot let you love it at first sight

Exquisite molding
      The use of line and surface, the portray of the power and the texture make the appearance of the vehicle more fierce, which depict the expression of the raptor to life, such as full of vitality, and the whole motorcycle look like dynamic in the static state.

35W highlight halogen headlight

      Adopt the 35W highlight HS1 halogen headlight let you drive at night as plain as daylight, which also increase the safety of driving at night.

Car level LED taillight

      The design of the car level LED taillight makes the complete motorcycle has the strong penetrating light, also full of fashion sense of science and technology.

Beautiful width lamp

      Unique honeycomb like reflective cup design, not only beautiful but also appears to be more environmentally friendly.

Music and cell phone charge system

      Raptor''''s music and cell phone charge systems demonstrate itself keeps pace with the time and technology.Its build-in MP3 makes the enjoyment of sweet music possible at any time in the journey;The control panel has cell phone charge function, and meets people''''s desire to charge power anytime,making a more relaxed, and comfortable travel.

Intelligent LCD meter

      The entire instrument is full of stereo sense. The dynamic liquid crystal display speed makes the revolving speed more clear and dynamic. Besides, the meter also has fatigue driving remind function to ensure the safety of driving.

Fatigue driving remind function

     When you drive three hours, the meter will warn and remind you to pay attention to rest to increase the safety of driving.





 最高车速(Maximum speed)


 最大载荷(Maximum lonad)


 整车质量(Weight with full equipments)




 前轮制动(Front type)

  盘式Disk type

 后轮制动(Rear type)

  盘式Disk type


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